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Trapper Helm began his work with wildlife at a very young age.  Growing up in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado you would be hard press to find him indoors as he relished the excitement of endless adventures in the outdoors.  After high school Trapper helm focused on a new direction working in the private Security field focused specifically on Risk management, Physical security, Fire life and safety systems, as well as executive protection throughout the world.  As with most things times change and so did Trapper Helm.  After 20 years spent apart for his childhood adventures his passion and excitement for the outdoors and wildlife was re-ignited while helping another wildlife professional.  It was not long after Trapper Helm opened his company and began taking clients who were experiencing wildlife conflict.  As society changed and the company grew so did his services.  Expansion from solely wildlife trapping grew to Habitat modification, Exclusion services and the introduction of a completely new and revolutionary way to manage wildlife conflicts.  As of today, Trapper Helm is set up to offer services to residential homeowners, Commercial buildings, Condo associations, and homeowners associations. Trapper Helms wildlife management programs work with community leaders to not always remove animals but find that balanced eco system within the community.  In his experience eliminating a species even from a small area has caused conflicts with other species and therefore never resolves the original issue, however in a balanced eco system approach, residents can still enjoy our amazing wildlife while minimizing wildlife conflict. Trapper Helm is always excited to share his passion for our wildlife and will never charge you to come inspect your property while hearing your concerns.  You have nothing to lose and knowledge to gain by simply giving him a call.