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Additional Services

See below for a list of additonal services we provide.

Carcass Removal

Do you have a horrible smell in your home? Around your property? Trapper Helm removes dead animal carcasses as well.

Trapped Animal Pick Up

If you DIY your own wildlife trapping but are now stuck on where or how to legal release or humanely euthanasia the trapped animal call trapper helm. Trapper Helm when called can respond and make these struggles disappear by taking possession of your trapped animal.

Wildlife Management Programs

Trapper Helm has programs available for communities that covers unlimited calls for wildlife issues and proactive wildlife management all for a monthly fee. Under this program Trapper Helm will respond to any of your residents wildlife issues covered under the agreement at no cost to your resident during business hours. This program also includes rodent trapping in community managed buildings. Want to hear more call Trapper Helm to discuss this amazing new program.

Rat & Rodent Monthly Programs

Trapper Helm also provides monthly rodent trapping services. This program uses the same rat boxes your pest control company uses and supplies with bait but the trapper helm does not use poison bait. Due to problems with secondary poisoning concerns trapper helm uses mechanical traps and conducts weekly site visits along with unlimited calls for carcass removal all for a monthly fee comparable to your current rat management program offered by your pest control company.

Property Inspections

Once an animal has breached your structure the repair and elimination costs begin to skyrocket. Trapper Helm is always available to inspect and provide information on how to reduce the chances of having a wildlife issue. The inspection cost is always free so give us a call and then call a competitor to compare.