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Our Trapping Services

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These very clever mammals can be found all over the state of Florida.  Usually active at night but are also seen during the day becoming a nuisance when they forage for food.  They have been known to make messes from trash cans and destroy grass while looking for food.  Just before spring raccoons will look to create a den inside structures for the purpose of giving birth and raising kit (baby raccoons). When contacted Trapper Helm will respond and deploy traps in an effort to capture and remove them alive and unharmed.

Muscovy Ducks

Muscovy Ducks are classified as pest in the state of Florida.  These animals become a nuisance when they attempt to roost or lay eggs on or around the roof/pool cage of a customers home.  This Duck is the subject of many arguments within a community.  Typically half of the community enjoys these birds while the other half continually clean up their messes.  Trapper Helm when called will work to control population numbers.  These Ducks are live captured and removed from the customers property.


Rabbits are native to this area and become a nuisance when they eat out of a homeowners garden or patches of grass causing brown spots.  Rabbits are trapped alive and removed from the customers property at their request.  All captured rabbits are released after capture in areas permitted by Florida statute.

Cane Toads

This invasive non native frog has been seen throughout south Florida.  Cane toads are active at night and flourish in wet environments.  They are deadly to dogs and cats as they carry poison in a sack found over each shoulder.  These toads are very hard to eliminate completely but Trapper Helm will work through repeated collection efforts to reduce possible contact between these toads and your household pets. This work is performed during night time hours and currently has programs for both residential homeowners up to and including HOA’s and commercial properties.


Squirrels are found throughout Florida and become a nuisance by attempting to steal food from humans, or attempting to den in an occupied structure most commonly found in attics.  When called Trapper Helm will work to live capture and remove this animal.  All squirrels when captured are released away from the capture site.


This reptile strikes fear in the majority of people.  Trapper Helm is available 24 hours a day and will respond to identify and remove all snake species both venomous and non venomous.  If the snake is identified as a native snake it is released away from the capture site.  If the snake is classified as a non native or invasive species like the Burmese python it is humanely euthanized as per the law.


This invasive non native reptile causes significant damage to sea walls, boat docks,  structures, ponds, lakes, and landscaping.  The damage can be very costly to the property owners.  Trapper Helm when contracted works to eliminate all of these reptiles by either live capture or on site humane euthanasia via air rifle.

Ferril Cats

Trapper Helm in cooperation with both Lee county domestic animal services and Collier county domestic animal service work to manage these populations.  Trapper Helm conducts the trapping efforts and then transports the cats to either collier or Lee county domestic animal services.  The cats are spayed and neutered and then released where they were removed at the customers approval.  If the customer elects not to have these animals back they are retained in the possession of the county until their fate is determined.


Ferrell hogs have caused significant damage to property throughout Florida. Theses animals can be aggressive when agitated. Trapper Helm works with property owners to control these populations via trapping efforts and active hunting.


These animals are often misunderstood and under appreciated.  They are a very good pest control system and do little by way of damage to property or structures.  They will however find refuge in a stricter if an opening is found.  Trapper Helm provides live trapping and removal for these animals.  Opossums are released away from the capture site so it can continue its pest control work in other areas.

Coyotes, Bobcats and Foxes

These native animals are often seen as they travel through an area.  Sometimes however they will stay in the area due to a plentiful food source.  These animals can pose a risk to farm raised smaller animals like chickens, rabbits, and young goats to name a few.  If one of these animals is seen and poses a threat it is important to get Trapper Helm on site.  He will work on tracking and identifying travel routes.  These skills help Trapper Helm set traps in the most optimal position for a capture attempt.


An armadillo is know to cause significant damage to lawns, flower beds, and landscaping.  They will dig near and under a structure to establish a den but it is only used for a couple of nights.  If you are seeing multiple holes in or around your property you could be facing an armadillo issue.  Trapper Helm will respond and use live traps to capture and remove the animal from the property.